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We are non-profit NGO & Charity Organization


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To carry forward our ambitious charitable projects, we request you to help us financially for a good cause . Any amount of monetary donations are welcome and we will be highly honored and obliged for the support you have offered. Every donation will helps a deprived person or family to build a foundation to stand on their own.


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Volunteers make a real difference in the lives of deprived in need. They are people who take the initiative for a task, responsibility, or project for a good cause.Join As Volunteer and Make a Difference

Welcome to Siva Rudra Charity Trust

  • To arrange the needful facilities for the Cremation of the unidentified dead bodies under the humanity grounds with the help of Government or the Departments or the Public.
  • To promote the Charity activities on voluntary for the poor or needy or as per their social status.
  • To conduct Blood Donation, eye donation, organ donors and such type of camps for the welfare who are needed.
  • To Campaign and conduct the medical awareness programmers among the students and the public who are suffering with health depression and stress.







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